Sweaty Palms

I’m in between loosening the grip on who I was a few years ago and tightening the grasp on being okay with what these last few years have transformed me into now. It’s easy to remember who you were and what you liked in a time that was so simple and innocent. It’s harder to recognize that hardships really do change you even when you just “brush it off.” I’m beginning to realize that I’ve allowed myself to believe I lost sight of who I really am. In truth, I lost connection with who I once was. You can’t expect change to happen over night, so when it happens in a few years time, you have to tell yourself to accept it. You have to convince yourself that this new you is okay, especially when all the old friends have gone, you become less interested in social affairs and you find joy in the things you thought were once lame. Fact is, you can never be the same “You.” You just have to learn to accept the changes that pain or growth has caused, and adapt to the new liking of your newest friend, your present self. Just remember that it’s okay to miss who you once were. Memories are what make us humble to begin with. Missing times of pleasure and adventure doesn’t have to mean the new times are of less value, when hardships, time, pressure, change and pain encourage and mold you into who you were mapped out to be in the beginning. New adventures await. Hold on tight and love yourself no matter who you turn out to be. Be someone you’ve always liked in every decade.


Beginners Luck

Writing has always been a silent pleasure of mine. Although, I’m afraid my words won’t mean as much to you as they do coursing through my own ears. I’d be delighted to share even when it’s difficult in order to provide anyone with words or feelings that they needed to hear in any moment of doubt. I have high hopes that this journey will not only benefit myself, but others as well. Welcome to my blog ~